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A Comprehensive Look at Japan’s Latest Online Casino Offering

Casino Secret is an online casino established in 2018. The operating company is CS LITTO LIMITED, which has obtained the Republic of Malta (MGA) license and operates legally.

The first “No Withdrawal Conditions! First Deposit Up to $500 Cash Back” and the online casino industry’s “Instant Cash Back” are automatically awarded permanently even after the second and subsequent deposits. It has an approval rating and is one of the most popular casino sites.

In addition, there are various deposit and withdrawal methods, including credit cards, electronic payment services, bank transfers, and over 2,000 casino games, including slots, baccarat, and blackjack; this is the casino secret of an online casino full of charms such as support systems.

The corporate philosophy of Casino Secret is to become the “No. 1 Online Casino in Japan”, so it has an environment for Japanese players to play quickly, and there are many tournaments and events so that players will not get bored.

CASINO SECRET has a “No.1 Support Plan”, a new-generation online casino that provides service and cashback exclusively for Japanese.

Japan-101 Exclusive First Deposit $500 Cashback

At Casino Secret, you can get a Welcome Bonus (First Deposit Bonus), a first in the casino industry: “No Withdrawal Conditions! First Deposit $500 Cash Back”. The “no exit condition” is fascinating.

The $500 cashback on the initial deposit is a bonus; half of the initial deposit amount is returned as “cash” only if no bonus accrues after the initial deposit and the game is played, with no withdrawal conditions.

In other words, cash is considered “cash (real money),” so you can spend it in casino games or withdraw it as cash.

Industry-first! Cashback with no payment terms

Casino Secret features the online casino industry’s first no-withdrawal-required cashback system. There are mainly two types of cashback, one of which is $500 cashback on your first deposit, which gives you a half price if you don’t win the game on your first deposit.

The other is “Instant Cash Back,” which is automatically rewarded permanently from the second and subsequent deposits.

Both will be credited to your account balance as real money with no withdrawals required.

Many online casinos have a cashback system, but only Casino Secret has no withdrawal requirements, which is its most significant advantage.

Fun Tournaments at Casino Secret

“Tournaments” are held at Casino Secret occasionally as a fun event. Tournaments are events where players compete to win prizes. Participants in Casino Secret tournaments must decide whether to participate in the games held occasionally.

They must place real money bets to achieve the goals set for each game. The winner of the Casino Secret tournament will receive a cash prize with no wagering required.

Games You Can Play at Secret Casino

At Casino Secret, you can play over 2,000 games, including standard video slots, the famous Japanese slot Pachislot, and table games like blackjack, roulette, and baccarat.

Veteran game suppliers include large software companies such as Play’n Go, NetEnt, and Red Tiger, and contracted partners include more than 30 game publishing companies, such as Evolution, which specializes in live casinos.

In summary,’s review of Casino Secret shows that it is a top-rated online casino in Japan that offers a wide range of games, excellent customer service, and unique cashback systems. With its user-friendly interface and Japanese-focused environment, Casino Secret is an excellent choice for Japanese players looking for a reliable and entertaining online casino.



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