Best Tie Knots Every Man Should Know

Do you feel frustrated when it comes to tying the perfect necktie knot? You’re not alone. Whether your go-to style is a four-in-hand, full Windsor, or half Windsor knot, many men have needed help to tie the correct knot for their next formal event. 

The truth is that learning to tie a necktie pin isn’t rocket science – all you need are some practice and patience! By arming yourself with different methods of tying neckties, you can effectively master the art of creating perfect knots every time. So without further ado, let’s dive into our guide on the best tie knots every man should know about!


This Full Windsor knot is a stylish, comprehensive, secure choice for any formal event, and it is among the most sought-after knots to tie. It is a great tie to wear to a friend’s wedding, work, or while pretending to be a Premier League footballer.

Make sure you cross the wide part of your tie with the narrow. The wide end is slipped between the collar and the connection, letting it fall over. Take the wide lot to the left, and wrap it around on the reverse of the narrow part to the right. 

Bring the wide end up by passing it through the loop and towards the left. Bring the wide end towards the center through the circle, and back down to the right. The wide end is wrapped across the outside of the knot, and return it to the neck loop again from underneath and back down through the loop you just created. Secure the tie knot.


The four-in-hand knot is a secure solid, sturdy, slightly larger knot that’s an alternative to the Windsor knot. It is a knot that can be worn anyplace, and it’s the ideal tie knot that can be used for any purpose.

The broader end of the tie is across your narrow and returns to behind. Repeat. Repeat for a giant knot. Holding the fabric’s coil in place, pass the wide end up the loop from beneath. The wide end should be passed down the knot. Secure the knot.


The simple knot is the fastest and most simple knot to tie. Man has discovered that. Use this method when you’re hurry, wearing a slim suit, or dressed casually.

The tie should be turned ‘back to front so that the underside faces outwards. You can cross the wide end under and then the smaller end. The wide end is pushed over the narrow before moving it up through the loop from beneath. Bring the wide end downwards to the circle. Secure the knot worddocx.


Are you ready to kick it to the next level? You can do it with the Plattsburgh knot makes a beautiful triangular knot for self-tie bow ties that requires time to master. 

Begin by tying the tie around your neck, with the underside visible. Make sure the narrow end is short. Place the wide end underneath that narrow one, then up and down the loop. Then pull down and to your right. 

The wide end is then passed across the circle. Make sure to pull downwards to leave and move across to the back of the tie knot. The wide end is then fed upwards and downwards through the loop. Make sure to pass it into the center of the knot. Make sure you tighten the knot.



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