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Fun88 Fire Strike: an Attractive Slot Game for Fun88 Players

The slot game Fire Strike at เว็บไซต์เดิมพัน Fun88 one of the exploding jars is attracting the attention of many participants. This exploding version of the jar is completely new compared to others on the market in the video slot genre. Let’s find out more information about Fire Strike in this article.

Introduction to Fun88 Fire Strike slot game

The newest iteration of the game to be launched in 2020 is the Fire Strike slot machine. This version’s powerful distributor is Pragmatic Play, a company with a stellar reputation in the modern world. Players favor the version because it is reliable and has a high reward percentage when compared to other versions available. As a result, even though they have only been available for a little under two years, a sizable user base is aware of and appreciative of them.

The game’s layout consists of 5 wheels, 3 rows, and 12 various characters. When participants sign up, there will be 10 players monthly with the chance to win the equivalent rate.

Fire Strike slot game with an outstanding and attractive design

Fire Strike is very simple to play and has an eye-catching style. The detonation screen can be readily adjusted by users after just a few minutes. The game is created in hot hues with fast-paced lively backdrop music.

Players experience the excitement with each turn thanks to all the rotations. The game is made to be very easy to understand and has no unnecessary features, making it appropriate for a wide range of viewers.

Playing the Fire Strike slot machine on the Fun88 app is a choice that is entirely yours. For users with strong network links, playing games on PCs and mobile devices is a wonderful experience.

Approximately 96.5% of the RTP and a payout amount of 6/10 were used in the game’s creation. This game is among the most played because of its high reward percentage.

How does the Fire Strike slot gameplay?

The 5-reel, 3-row pop-up game with 10 payout icons in Fire Strike is well-known. The foundation for the payment and the left-to-right formula will be used to determine the winning emblems.

When playing exploding jars, players only need to select the jar spin icon to rotate the reels. You can select the automatic option if you want to participate in the explosion quickly. Additionally, you can alter the wager size for each turn before the pot is spun.

Three menu buttons in the Fire Strike design are located next to the left-hand screen and allow you to quickly change the music, watch the directions, or access the options menu. The user can simply select both the wager and the spin impact in the game settings menu. Use your phone to play this game and enable additional battery-saving options.

How is the player experience the Fire Strike slot game? 

One of the exploding container variations that you can attempt to experience and earn money at home is Fire Strike. The benefits and drawbacks of selecting this particular detonation have been discussed by players.


  • The Fire Strike slot game is designed with huge jackpot rewards. Players can spend a small amount of money to participate and have a chance to win many times more money.
  • If the player participates in the Wild Firestrike spin, they will have a chance of 25,000 times the bet. This number makes users extremely attractive because the reward is very valuable.
  • Fire Strike is invested by the publisher in beautiful images and graphics. Players participating in the game can not only earn money but also experience the entertainment space at home.

  • The pot boom game has a very simple traditional three-reel mode that makes it easy for you to participate. You can choose to participate with a high payout ratio and a chance to win attractive money.
  • The game is also supported with the Thai version, so you don’t have to have a language barrier.


  • Fire Strike has a slow loading speed on some old Android phones, so it doesn’t give players a good experience.
  • Many customers rate the RTP as a relatively low level.

FAQs about Fun88 Fire Strike

Q:  Do Fun88 Fire Strike bonuses?

A: Fun88 Fire Strike offers users a variety of rewards, including free spins. Players can take advantage of these rewards to increase their chances of winning money. Details of the bonus program can be found at: “Fun88 โปรโมชั่น

Q: Is Fun88 Fire Strike safe?

A: About operation with Fun88, you can be assured of absolute safety when participating in Fire Strike. Fun 88 is licensed and regulated by commercial gambling regulators operate with Fun88 you will have great experiences. Try Fire Strike now and get the chance to win attractive rewards.

Q:  Fun88 Fire Strike payouts?

A: Fun88 Fire Strike offers players a high payout ratio of up to 96.5%. With Fun88, you have the chance to win up to 25,000 times your bet. With Fun88 Fire Strike slot game players can play for real money.

Q:  Fun88 Fire Strike payout method?

A: Fun88 Fire Strike pays out rewards to players using a variety of payment methods. Players can choose the convenient payment method for their needs. Fun88 also offers customer support to help players with any queries they may have.


Fun88 Fire Strike slot game is extremely attractive for you to try to join and experience making money at home. Summary of all the information shared about the Fire Strike jar explosion version that players can easily choose.



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