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Funny and Curious Cases Related to the Casino

Usually, the name of the casino becomes the subject of discussion in the media if someone wins a huge amount in it, or the gambling establishment was robbed or a scam was pulled into it. In fact, in the casino, what just does not happen, is only curious and entertaining cases do not occur. 

In this article, we will discuss the most interesting cases related to casinos. Well, let’s get started!

Hunger Strike in Romanian

The passion for the game can be so irrepressible that it sometimes leads to interesting situations. So, a Romanian citizen even went on a hunger strike after he received a ban on visiting a gambling establishment. And they deprived him of this right because he behaved unworthily, swore obscenely, and shouted. In protest, he placed a chair in front of the casino entrance and announced a hunger strike. The man said that he refuses all help and food until he is allowed to play in this institution again. “I have a lot of money and I want to play roulette, and the fact that they don’t let me do it is very frustrating,” said the 49-year-old Romanian. Next, he intends to set up a tent and get the casino to return all the lost money, which is 6,000 pounds.

They Were Kicked Out of the Casino for an Unpleasant Smell

American Michael Wax played in one of the casinos for more than 17 hours, after which he was simply pushed out of the gambling establishment. The reason was a very unpleasant smell coming from the player. Other visitors noticed this and complained to the administration of the institution. A man weighing 200 kg confirmed this fact and said that he simply did not have the opportunity to take a shower. Here’s what he said about it: “I don’t deny that I stink. And what’s surprising is that I have a lot of weight and I played without a break for 17 hours.” But is this a reason to kick a person out of a casino? At first, Vox was warned, but after he ignored the remark, the guards had to escort him out into the fresh air. Michael himself claims that he asked the casino employee about the availability of a bathroom and the opportunity to wash. But, as he says, he was refused.

On the Day of His Death, an American Won $10 Million in the Lottery!

Donald Peters, a 79-year-old resident of Danbury, was a passionate fan of lotteries. For many years, he bought tickets in the hope of winning the jackpot, but he did not succeed. For all the time, luck smiled on him once. On November 1, he bought a lottery ticket again and, as it turned out later, won a large sum. And everything would be fine, but on this day Donald died of a heart attack. The results of the circulation were announced only in December. But for another month, the widow of the deceased old man did not even check the ticket. And when she came to her senses after her husband’s death and did it, it turned out that the winnings amounted to $ 10 million! Now the widow decides where to spend the money.



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