Hovsco Hovranger 27.5 Electric Bike For Adults

Hovsco features an elegant and sleek design to conceal its powerful 720Wh Samsung/LG battery with featuring two riding modes including pedal assist and pure electric.

Bike step through frame makes mounting and dismounting easy without needing to throw one’s leg over the saddle, while its 180mm hydraulic disc brakes offer superb stopping performance.

The Frame

The HovRanger is a fast e-bike designed to provide comfortable cruising. With premium components and advanced functionality, its step-through design and step-thru seating add to its ease-of-use while its array of accessories including rear racks, fenders and tail lights enhance your riding experience further.

This eBike features a 500W motor equipped with torque sensing technology to offer an enjoyable riding experience, along with hydraulic brakes for safe and smooth stops.

This eBike features two riding modes – throttle and pedal assist bike – which enable riders to cruise at up to 20mph using throttle mode, with pedal assist topping out at 28mph maximum speed for pedal assist mode. Additional speed levels can be unlocked using Hovsco app if anyone is capable of pushing one faster!

The Pedals

SUTTO has equipped this ebike with a 500W hub motor that offers two riding modes – throttle mode and pedal assist – along with its rear hydraulic brake system and front suspension fork for extra comfort during rough roads.

This bike features an intuitive LCD display that displays battery, speed and pedal assist level information without interfering with riding experience. Conveniently placed on its handlebars for easy viewing while you ride, the display doesn’t obstruct or interfere with you as you ride.

Hovsco App allows you to sync your ebike information, including keeping an eye on its odometer, trip mileage and average mpg consumption. Furthermore, unlock Pedal Assist Mode up to 28mph; just tweak a few settings within Hovsco to activate it and reach that goal! Furthermore, activate warranties and more with just one app!

The Battery

HovRanger eBike features two modes, Pure Electric and Pedal Assist. With throttle mode offering powerful acceleration to get over rough patches on the street and attain speeds up to 20mph – you can unlock higher speed levels through its app!

SUTTO, a branch brand of Bafang, powers this eBike with an impressive 500W high-speed hub motor that provides natural-feeling pedal assistance and features an inbuilt torque sensor to optimize motor output for a seamless riding experience. A Samsung/LG Lithium-Ion battery provides up to 60 miles range with pedal assistance mode enabled and charges in only four hours for easy cycling!

HovRanger eBike features an efficient front dual hydraulic disc brake system to deliver efficient braking on any surface, while its user-friendly LCD screen displays battery, speed, pedal assist level information as well as other vital data.

The Brakes

This E-Bike was designed with comfort and style in mind. Featuring an ergonomic step-thru frame and electric assistance for easy riding experience. Plus, there’s even accessory mounts to extend its functionality!

This bicycle features a rear 180mm hydraulic disc brake to deliver effective stopping power, making it more responsive than mechanical disc brakes.

Front dual hydraulic suspension fork makes riding more comfortable on rough roads or terrains, with the bike also featuring a rear rack and fender set for increased utility.

By default, this bike operates like a Class II eBike and is limited to 20mph pedal assist mode. However, upgrading its motor can unlock its full performance potential and reach up to 28mph speeds!

The Seat

The bike features an ergonomic seat with simple adjustments for optimal comfort, as well as user-friendly features like an LCD display that displays battery, speed, pedal assist level and range information.

The display is easy to read and won’t block your view when riding, while its built-in LED flashlight may come in handy should you find yourself out at night on the trail.

The HovRanger E-bike comes standard as a Class II E-bike but can be upgraded to Class III via an app, giving you access to faster throttle and pedal assist modes – out of the box it reaches up to 20mph in either mode.



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