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How to Use a List of Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

If you want to get exposure for your writing, try pitching your guest post idea to a blog owner. The blog owner might prefer to publish posts by a particular type of writer. Read their bio to learn more about their preferences. Moreover, you can also use social media sites to connect with the blog owners. Many bloggers are on Twitter and Facebook and are more than willing to discuss with their readers. The more you connect with the bloggers on social media, the more chances you have of landing a guest post.

Using a list of media publications that accept guest posts is not an automatic guarantee of acceptance. The majority of these publications will require expertise and experience before publishing your posts. Nevertheless, you can use the list as a reference for finding the right sites to pitch your contribution. To increase your chances of landing a guest posting opportunity, make sure your contribution is quality. In addition to the list, consider the following tips:

If you have something to share with the world, you can try blogging on a blog that focuses on technical SEO. For example, the blog of SEO expert Rebecca Barbel is a great place to submit a guest post. Make sure to follow their guidelines and link to other articles on the blog. You can also consider submitting how-to articles and comparison articles. You can also include case studies. For a successful guest post, you should link back to one of your own HubSpot articles



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