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Is Central Harlem Safe?

Is central Harlem safe? Yes, it is! However, the area does have its own issues. One of the biggest concerns is crime, and residents of Harlem report very few crimes. Many neighborhoods, including Harlem, are considered relatively safe. In addition, there is a constant presence of police. Residents of the area rate the area as pretty safe or very safe based on the level of crime in their neighborhood. According to the FBI, Harlem ranks fifth among neighborhoods in New York City. The community’s history and its various cultures make it a particularly safe place to live. On the other hand, East Harlem has higher than average property and violent crime rates.

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The area is home to modern condominiums and historic town homes. One local once called it one of the last affordable oases in the borough. With rents soaring throughout Manhattan and gentrification happening in most neighborhoods, residents of Central Harlem still find affordable living options. In addition, residents enjoy the benefits of being closer to Midtown than the other neighborhoods in the city. And if you’re looking for an affordable masstamilan apartment in a safe neighborhood, Central Harlem may be the perfect place for you.

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According to the latest crime reports from DNAinfo, Central Harlem has a 71 percent decrease in crime from 1993 to 2010. While the area still has its share of criminals, it is not considered dangerous for tourists. The area contains many points of interest, including historic buildings, cultural sites, and restaurants. In fact, Harlem is the latest borough to attract a young professional population. Jacqueline Orange, who lives in Central Harlem for 14 years, runs Taste Harlem. She also said that she has noticed a noticeable increase in young professionals in the past few years.

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