Is It Actually Sun Safe For Adults to Use Kids Sunscreen?

Imagine the scenario: It’s hot outside, it’s your day off, all the stores are closed, and you find that you’ve only got some kids sunscreen to use. So, your little one will be ok, but what about you? Will you have to forego that trip to the beach because you don’t have anything to protect yourself from the irritation and misery that is sunburned skin?

Wait a minute. Children’s sunscreen is still sunscreen, right? So, it should be ok? Are you willing to bet your skin on it? Don’t worry, you’re not going to have to go through some kind of weird sunscreen Russian roulette any time soon, as we’re now going to offer you some insight on whether you’d be safe.

Are Grownups Able to Use Kids Sunscreen?

Head to your local drug store or browse online, and you’ll find a dazzling selection of sunscreen products designed for everyone in the family, also catering for whether they have sensitive skin or not. You see, adults, babies and children all have different sun protection needs.

It’s important to say that what we’re about to discuss about Kids sunscreen should not form the basis of your sunscreen approach, as you should do lots of research and perhaps even talk to your dermatologist. Only then will you properly understand what type of skin you have and, in turn, what kind of sunscreen is going to work best for you. 

The short answer to our already long question is yes, it’s ok to use infant sunscreen. Why? Well, they usually offer a high SPF rating and are designed to provide ample protection for the softest and most vulnerable skin there is. 

If it’s designed for this purpose, then what do you think it’s going to offer for your skin (that doesn’t need quite as much protection)? That’s right, more protection than you need, so it’s actually a better option than using many adult varieties. 

Which Baby Sunscreen Type Should I Use?

As well as being gentler, child sunscreens offer broad-spectrum protection, however, never take a baby out into the sun before they’re 6 months old. You’ll see chemical and mineral brands on the market and we can say with real confidence that it’s the latter you should be using on your kids.

It’s so much gentler, works instantly and creates a barrier that the vast majority of the sun’s rays aren’t able to penetrate. In every sense of the word, mineral sunscreen wins. Hands down. 

Yes, Adults Can Use Kids Sunscreen, But…

The answer to the main question in this article is yes…you can wear child sunscreen as an adult. However, while this might be ok in a pinch when you have nothing else, we’d always recommend using exactly the right sunscreen for your adult requirements. 

If you have the choice between infant sunscreen and adult, you should be choosing the adult option. This is mainly because that’s the option that’s been painstakingly designed and formulated to work for exactly your type of skin and personage. 

You can use it, but we wouldn’t recommend it, as it’s a risk. It will most likely be ok, but if there’s even a 1% chance of sunburn, we’d do the wise thing and use the appropriate product for adults. 



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