Minimizing Irritation When Using Face Wash Benzoyl Peroxide

When it comes to sheer acne-busting power, there is perhaps no better product to opt for than face wash benzoyl peroxide products. It can be extremely effective at ridding you of those troublesome pimples and breakouts, with the results you get depending on what type of skin you have and how severe or acute the condition is for you. 

The issue is that for some people, BP washes can cause something of an irritation problem. Why? Well, it’s essentially an acid, which works by penetrating the skin down to the hair follicles, clearing them of the dirt, dead skin and bacteria that cause blockages and resultant red pimples. 

How Can You Minimize Irritation With Face Wash Benzoyl Peroxide?

The good news is that you can do something about the common problem of skin irritation with regard to the use of BP washes. Now we’re going to list some of the things you can do to ensure you can rid yourself of your breakouts without having angry, dry, red skin too. 

Option 1 – Buffer Your BP Wash With Moisturizer

The first measure you can take to mitigate skin irritation is to buffer your BP wash with a moisturizer. You see, one of the main causes of irritation is dryness, which will obviously be helped with a moisturizing product. That said, it will slightly lower the effectiveness of your BP wash, meaning that you should adjust your expectations on how long it will take to rid you of acne. 

Option 2 – Don’t Leave Your BP Wash On For Too Long

Something else you need to watch out for when using face wash benzoyl peroxide is that you don’t leave it in place for too long. Some people choose to put it on at night and leave it on overnight, however, most often, it’s only supposed to be in contact with your skin for 5 minutes or so. 

The truth is that the longer you leave it, the more irritation it can cause, so follow the product’s instructions and only leave it on for the required duration. 

Option 3 – Use the Right Strength!

If you’re enduring dryness, discomfort and irritation of your skin despite taking precautions, you might want to check whether you’re using the right strength product. They typically come in a 2.5%, a 4% and a 10% strength, with the latter being meant for the more severe forms of acne. 

Before you start using BP wash, ensure you’re using the lowest concentration and work up from there. Then you can be sure tha you’re not overdoing things. 

Your Face Wash Benzoyl Peroxide Doesn’t Have to Irritate

While many people DO have problems with irritation when it comes to BP washes, it’s not a given. You don’t HAVE to experience dryness and inflamed skin if you don’t want to, and you only need to be cautious in your approach. Use the product safely and cautiously and there’s nothing stopping you from getting the clear skin you’ve been craving. 



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