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Symptoms and Diagnosis of Tennis Elbow

Your child may have tennis elbow and may be experiencing pain or stiffness in their arm. Symptoms can last for months or even years. Your doctor may recommend the use of topical NSAIDs to alleviate the symptoms. These medications are not addictive and may help reduce inflammation and pain without side effects. In severe cases, cortisone injections and surgery may be needed. Consult your doctor to see which treatment is best for your child.

Treatment for your tennis elbow depends on the severity of your pain and your overall health. Rest and ice can relieve pain and swelling. Apply ice frequently, particularly on the first day. A wrist bandage can be helpful in preventing the elbow from spraining. You should also take frequent breaks so you can stretch and change positions. NSAIDs and other pain relievers may also be prescribed. If you continue to have symptoms, your doctor may recommend stylishster.

Diagnosis of tennis elbow is typically done during a physical examination. Your doctor will ask about your occupation and any physical activities you may engage in. An x-ray can be helpful in confirming a diagnosis. During this test, a doctor applies pressure to the area where the tendon attaches to the elbow. If you experience pain when extending your wrist, you likely have tennis elbow. X-rays will show any structural changes and will rule out any other conditions, such as arthritis of the elbow.



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