The Ultimate Guide To Landing Sponsored Posts

For those familiar with Facebook Ads, a traditional Sponsored Post lives on your company page and is visible to your followers. On the other hand, direct Sponsored Content lives in your ad account and is hidden from your company page’s followers. This means you can target your audience more precisely, based on their interests and behavior on your website.

Create a Media Kit

Creating a media kit is essential for any influencer who wants to get sponsored posts. It helps brands understand their brand, reach, and engagement more professionally.

Your media kit should include a short bio of you and your blog or social media channels. This will give potential brands a good idea of your personality, interests, and passion projects.

You should also include your follower count, engagement rate, and average link clicks. This information will help the brand decide its suitability for its campaign goals and audience demographics.

To ensure your media kit is a brand-safe document, use high-quality images and videos that reflect your style and evoke the right feelings. It makes it easy to customize our free media kit templates based on your visual guidelines with just a tap.

Create a Sponsor Page

A sponsor page on your website provides a platform to pitch brands for sponsored posts. The page should feature logos, company details and contact information. It’s essential that the page is easy to navigate and that it captures crucial data, including sponsor names and email addresses.

Brands want to work with bloggers who know their audience and can offer a fresh perspective on their products. You should research the products or services you would like to promote on your site.

Once you know what to promote, contact the company and request a media kit. This can include a sample of your blog posts or some samples of your social media content.

Once you’ve established a rapport with a company, they are more likely to hire you for future sponsored posts. This is a great way to build your reputation and generate long-term income with your blog.

Pitch to Brands

Pitching to brands is a great way to grow your following and get paid for your hard work. It can also lead to future opportunities for you to collaborate with them on their campaigns.

Before drafting your pitch, research the brand and learn as much about them as possible. You can do this by looking at their website and social media accounts.

Your brand pitch should explain how you could add value to their marketing efforts and why they want to partner with you. It should also give them a sense of your personality and what they would get from the partnership.

Be sure to send your pitch to the right person. Instead of contacting the generic company email, try searching for the brand on LinkedIn and looking for someone who has “PR,” “collaborations,” or “influencer marketing” in their job title.

Maintain Relationships

When it comes to building a brand, relationships are key. You must understand your customers, connect with them, and provide them with unique value.

A great brand relationship makes your customer feel like they are getting the best possible service and that the experience will be memorable for the right reasons. They are also apt to share feedback and give you suggestions on how to improve your offerings.

For a successful brand relationship, you must be on the lookout for the latest marketing technology and trends. Taking advantage of new social media and digital advertising developments is essential to growing your business. To do so, you need to create a media kit that includes your blog’s top-level stats and social media accounts. The best media kits include a high-level overview of your most impressive metrics, such as top-level traffic data.



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