Top Tips To Consider When Hiring The Right House Or Commercial Cleaner

Finding a reliable and efficient house or commercial cleaner can be challenging in today’s market. However, following these essential tips will help you select the perfect professional to meet your cleaning needs!

Conduct a Phone Interview

When considering a house cleaning company, conduct a phone interview not just with their representative but also with the actual cleaner who will be handling your home or business. Feeling comfortable with the cleaner is crucial, especially when entrusting them with the care of your property when you’re not present. Inquire whether the same team will be assigned to your place on every visit, establishing consistency and familiarity.

Check Documentation

Ensure the cleaning company maintains appropriate documentation, including public liability insurance and police checks for their employees. Request to see these documents as proof of their professionalism and reliability. Knowing that the cleaners entering your premises are trustworthy and reputable is essential for your peace of mind.

Discuss Pricing and Rates

The cost of hiring a professional cleaning company depends on the services requested, the frequency of visits, and the size of your property. Inquire whether they charge by the hour or offer a fixed fee for the job. For End of lease cleaning, opt for a company with fixed fees, as hourly charges may lead to slower work to increase the paycheck. Beware of overly cheap deals, as they may indicate shortcuts or poor quality service. If the quote provided over the phone is unclear about the inclusions, ask for an in-home evaluation to get a more accurate estimate.

Clarify Cleaning Product Supplies

Some house cleaning companies use their clients’ cleaning supplies, while others bring their own. Make sure to clarify this with the company to avoid running out of essential items or encountering any allergies. If you prefer eco-friendly cleaning products, ask about the specific brands they use to ensure they meet your requirements.

Communicate Specific Cleaning Requests

Don’t hesitate to communicate your specific cleaning needs and preferences. Whether it’s ceilings, fans, or carpets cleaned at each visit, make it clear in writing. Discuss any special arrangements or requests the cleaning company might have, such as moving delicate items aside or removing pillow covers before their arrival. Regular communication and understanding of each other’s expectations will lead to a smooth and satisfactory cleaning experience.

Make Prior Arrangements

Before the cleaning day, secure all your valuables, cash, and jewelry in a safe or secure place to prevent loss or damage during the cleaning process. If you are vacating your property be sure to book in your end of lease cleaners after your removalists have completed the move for you.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can confidently hire the right cleaner for your home or business. For a good starting point, consider exploring cleaning websites that list multiple companies and provide cleaning quotes. Additionally, word-of-mouth recommendations from friends or family can be a reliable way to find trustworthy cleaning services.

With these guidelines, you can find a professional cleaner who meets your expectations and ensures a clean and well-maintained environment for your home or business. Happy cleaning!



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