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Vaginal Bleeding After a Car Accident

Although the amount of vaginal bleeding is no indicator of the severity of a fetal abruption, a significant volume of blood may be lost during the first trimester of pregnancy. In some cases, bleeding may even be heavy and persistent. The pain associated with the bleeding is not usually noticeable and may be accompanied by pelvic cramping or disorientation. Pain after a car accident usually does not begin right away, but it will often develop hours or days after the bleeding

Depending on the type of injury, the amount of internal bleeding can vary greatly. Internal organs can suffer from internal damage as well, such as a ruptured aorta or a rib fracture. Some people also experience spontaneous bleeding. While external bleeding is more easily noticed, internal bleeding is more difficult to spot. If it is internal bleeding, consult a doctor right away. Your doctor may prescribe anti-coagulants, or other medications to prevent abnormal clotting

In older women, hormonal medications and anticoagulant medications may be prescribed to reduce the risk of hemorrhaging and reduce the severity of the condition. If the patient has underlying coagulopathy, blood transfusions may be necessary. Additionally, patients with significant anemia should be treated with iron supplements. The disposition of the patient is determined by the severity of the ongoing blood loss, comorbidities, and other factors.




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