What Are The Ways To Reuse RO Waste Water?

Most Indian houses use an RO water purifier for drinking clean and pure water. But a lot of water gets wasted in this elaborate process. But it is impossible to have a home without a RO water purifier to ensure fresh drinking water.

Don’t worry; you can do many things with RO waste water. So sit back and enjoy your pure and fresh water without any guilt.

What Is The Purpose Of Using RO Waste Water?

An RO purifier has many uses; it provides clean water and protects you from harmful waterborne diseases. On average, an RO purifier wastes approximately three litres of water for every litre of water purified. This amounts to only twenty-five per cent of water purified and seventy-five per cent of water wasted.

Reverse Osmosis uses membrane technology to filter out impurities and dissolved solids. Much of this water contains impurities and gets known as wastewater that gets filtered out. The amount of water that gets filtered out depends on the type of RO purifier. Although the water is unfit for drinking, you can use it for other purposes to prevent waste.

You have to keep certain things in mind before reusing wastewater. Determining the TDS level in the rejected water before you use it is best. If the wastewater contains harmful chemicals, then it becomes unsafe for usage. You should also ensure that the water is not too acidic by checking the pH value of the wastewater.

Some Easy Ways to Reuse Rejected Water:-

  1. You Can Wash Your Car

A typical car wash can take anywhere between 14-75 litres of water. Water is already scarce, and wasting potable water for washing your car is unreasonable.

The water purifier service in Chandigarh provides a device that gives me plenty of waste water to wash my car. The water with a TDS value ranging from 1200-1500 PPM is safe for cleaning your vehicle.

  1. You Can Water Your Garden Or Plants

You can use the wastewater from your RO purifier to water your garden or terrace pots. This is particularly useful for people living in urban areas with low TDS levels in the water. Start with a few plants and use them for 15-20 days.

Each plant has a different response to this wastewater that you must understand. A TDS value of 2100 PPM is suitable for watering plants. Check your plants thoroughly and ensure that there is no contamination.

  1. You Can Use Waste Water To Wash Utensils

A valuable application of RO purifier wastewater is to clean utensils. RO service near me in Chandigarh supplies the ideal device to store wastewater in a bucket.

You can use this stored waste water and wash utensils in your kitchen sink. This is a convenient way to save water and get your work done.

  1. Mopping And Cleaning The Floor

Cleaning a floor requires many litres of water, which you can save using an RO filter. This purifier provides litres of wastewater daily, which you can use to mop the floor.

If the TDS content is too high, dilute the wastewater with an equal amount of tap water and use it. Use RO waste water every alternate day to prevent the formation of stains.

  1. Use Waste Water To Pre-rinse Laundry

The high TDS content in wastewater is unsuitable for certain fabrics; otherwise, you can use it daily. Most homes use a washing machine to wash clothes and save time. But washing machines waste a lot of water, which is unreasonable.

You can collect RO waste water in an overhead tank and use it to wash clothes. You can also siphon this wastewater into your washing machine to wash laundry.

  1. Waste Water Can Clean Your Toilets

You flush a lot of water down your toilets daily which wastes water. Approximately 5-7 litres of potable water go down the drain.

RO waste water can effectively reduce the wastage of water. You can use the waste water from RO filters to clean your toilet floor and for flushing purposes.

These are some small yet extremely meaningful steps you can take to make a difference. Your small action may lead to a massive leap in saving many lives and creating a better planet.



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